Paid Web Hosting

Rather than using a free web hosting service and being required to display banner ads on each of your web pages, you can buy web server space from one of many web hosting firms.

Thousands of businesses world-wide offer web hosting services but costs cab vary significantly.

Before selecting a web hosting service provider, consider the following questions:

  1. Does the host provide reliable service?
  2. Does it support the database software you use?
  3. Is good technical support provided promptly?
  4. Does the host support streaming media?
  5. Does it provide e-business capabilities?
  6. How much storage space and bandwidth will be required?
  7. Will a dedicated server be needed or is a virtual server sufficient?
  8. Given your specific requirements, which packages are available?
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Although the selection of a web host is an important decision, it is also one that can be revisited as your requirements change.

The bottom line is to know your particular requirements and select a web host accordingly.  Don't pay for services you don't need and monitor server performance regularly.

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