Free Web Hosting

Many companies offer free web hosting services. This includes free storage space on a web server, basic tools to build a site, a free email address and other goodies.  Some require that you display an advertising banner on each page.

Restrictions sometimes exist regarding the use of a domain name that you own or plan to purchase. If these constraints are too restrictive for your requirements, consider purchasing low cost paid hosting services.

Web Design

Because the features offered by free web hosting services are constantly evolving, it is a good idea to shop around before making a final decision on where to set up your site. Here are a couple to consider:

Google Sites

Google provides free webhosting for its customers at Google Sites. They provide a number of website templates to help you get up and running. Pictures, videos, "gadgets" and other content can be easily added.  Sites can either be made public or private.

FreeServers provides 20 MB of web space free.  If you own a "com" or international domain name (e.g.  ".ca",  ".uk"), FreeServers will host it at no cost.

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