Structure Web Page

It is important to maintain structural consistency throughout your website. Each page should have a common header, footer and navigation menu.  There are two methods to structure web pages: using "tables" or "divisions" (i.e. div tags).

The use of tables to group and align text can help make a page more attractive.  Tables are are easily generated from most HTML Editors. The spacing between table cells and the borders around the cells can be altered or made invisible.

Text and graphics within table cells can be right justified, left justified or centered.

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Build a Website

You can find graphics for your home page on the web by searching for "Index of GIF files" or "GIF library".  When you find something you like, copy it to a directory on your hard drive by right clicking on the graphic and selecting "save picture as".

If you suspect that a graphic is copyrighted, you should ask permission from the owner before using it.

To keep life simple, all pictures, graphics, music, etc. should be stored in a single directory.

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