Upload Web Page to Server


Copying files from your hard drive to the server is a simple process. The hosting site will prompt you for the name of the directory on your hard drive, where your files are stored and the names of the files to be uploaded.

To avoid confusion, make certain that all files are saved on the server using the same file names that were used on your hard drive.

The only software that you require to upload files is a web browser such as Chrome, IE or Safari. Alternatively, a free FTP software (File Transfer Protocol) could be used.

Once you have uploaded all your files, you should test each web page on the web server and make certain that it functions normally and that all files have uploaded correctly.

Build a Website

It is also a good idea to clear your cache to ensure that graphic files are being read from the web server and not from your hard drive on your computer.

It is now time to congratulate yourself. You have published your very first website!

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