Partnering for Success

Developing a commercial website can require many different skillsets.  For example, you could find yourself in need of the following types of people:

  1. visionary to define website goals and objectives
  2. author to write web content
  3. web designer to develop the user interface and navigation
  4. database analyst to design the tables to store data in
  5. programmer to write web software components
  6. expert in electronic commerce to implement shopping cart functionality
  7. person to translate web pages into a foreign language

It is unlikely that you alone will have all the skills needed to build a commercial website.

If you don't have the resources to hire others, you can search for partners to handle areas where you are weak.

Fortunately, the Internet is a wonderful place to prospective partners and to establish mutually beneficial partnerships.  Partnerships can be as informal as swapping links with other website owners.  Alternatively, they could be much more formal.

Web Design

Partnerships are established in two ways. Either you search out the partner or the partner finds you.

Once you have an established presence on the Internet and your site is receiving large traffic volumes, other web publishers and companies will approach you with partnership ideas.

It is good practice to begin a partnership on a limited and informal basis.  If the partnership proves to be mutually beneficial, it can then be expanded and formalized.

Partnering with people overseas can be particularly rewarding as individuals in developing nations often have strong technical skills but don't have access to or knowledge of the North American marketplace.

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