Website Evolution

Adopting a website development methodology that emphasizes iterative development and phased implementations is essential for a success web-based business.  Application evolution must be a key part of your overall website strategy.

How many times have you visited a website only to find a nauseating animated graphic saying "under construction"?  The truth is websites are perpetually under construction.

When you establish a site, it is important to publish material quickly.

You can make as many iterations of the material as you like, but until materials exists on the web for robots to crawl and index, you are guaranteed to receive no visitors at all!

Web Design

You will find that that it takes months if not years to build up large traffic volumes, even if your site is of high quality and registered with all the major search engines.

Consequently, it is vital to published quickly, knowing that there will be some imperfections.

The faster you establish your presence, the more traffic your site will receive.

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